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Mr. Sho'nuff an American music producer/engineer/artist. Many that know this master of technology may call him a friend, their family, even a enemy, but he will tell you he is the "Future" in this music production industry. He is an impressionist of a sort, who dabbles in the likes of Urban Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Gospel, any genre of music, to producing, mixing music for music artist, national TV networks, websites, corporations, and independent films. Mr. Sho'nuff recently completed Hip Hop/ R&B/Neo-Soul independent artist Miss C.C. LaFlor album "Brainstorm" release via internet in May 2011. He produced four of her hottest tracks. His amazing production on this release has created a buzz around town. "You keep smiling", "Henney", "Grindin" featuring Backbone from The Dungeon Family, and "Gorilla" are some his best work today with completing alle steps in the process producing, mixing and mastering. Currently in production besides his own releases is rap artist Lil Shot in the tunnel awaiting release of his second project produced by Mr. Sho'nuff himself. In February 2011 he produced two tracks from the Red Kane aka Lil Shot EP release. " Pimp Thang" and " Still on my grind" both release via internet by Red Pimp Muzik and Mr. Sho'nuff Productions. Mr. Sho'nuff includes his own solo project in the works which is stated to be release via internet in the near future. Working with some of the local songwriters and artist to include Brian Pompey, JaBarr "Sire"Lasley, and Miss C.C LaFlor. As a true businessman of music, Mr. Sho'nuff advise any artist that enter his studio to be prompt, ready, focus, and be prepare to work. As a producer you are strongly advice to come with it or don't come at all, and Mr. Sho'nuff is a perfect example. The use of horns and strings, in his work is an importance in making sure each track is unique in its own way, custom to collaborate with the vocals of the artist. Mr. Sho'nuff goals is set high and that's what he expects of anyone he works with.

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